When I get a little money, I buy books;  and if any is left, I buy food
and clothes.  
Desiderius Erasmus   (Patron saint of booksellers?)
World Book Market
An association of B&M
book stores from New
Zealand & Australia to
UK, Canada and the USA
- and growing - is now
associated with
If you think you might be
interested in joining, visit
the World Book Market
If you're looking for used books, you need
to know where the Used Book Stores are...
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That's Why We're Here...
A Note to...
Book Lovers, Book Hunters,       
   Book Collectors,  & other          
         Book Store Browsers ...
This site is for you, equally. It won't work for any of us,
unless it works for all of us. If you have any
suggestions or criticisms, I really want to hear from
you. Go to the
"Contact Us" page and send in your
Later on we will have a public forum where you can
share thoughts with others about books and
bookstores as well as a Books Wanted page where
you can post your wants and see if anyone has the
book you're looking for.
If you like what's happening here, please tell your
friends, as well as any bookstores you visit, about us.
If the site doesn't appeal to you, you would be doing
me a favour by letting me know why.
Please visit again soon, and watch us grow.
Bob Lewis
A Note to
Book Store Owners ...
As someone who loves books and is foolish enough
to try to make a living selling used books, I thought that
what was needed was a site that would list nearly all
the used book stores - everywhere - and make the
information available to anyone who has access to the
Given that many owners of Used Bookstores don't
have a lot of spare cash, it has to be free if I'm going to
get most of us to list here.
Charging book buyers to access the list seems
counterproductive. Most of them aren't going to pay, so
they aren't going to use the site. It's only going to work
for the stores if lots of people use the list. To get lots of
people to use the list, we need to have a lot of stores
So the site is free for everyone. Even if it grows a lot, it
will cost me less per year than I spent on advertising
last year. And if I do a good job, it should work better
than the advertising I did last year. It might take up a lot
of time, but I enjoy projects like this almost as much
as dealing with books.
Once I started thinking about it, other ideas came up.
There are no courses on 'How to Run a Used
Bookstore'. There is one book (out of print for several
years now) which can be had for $40 or more - if you
can find it. I have a copy, and while it is quite good,  it
is just one opinion, and some of it is quite dated.
I've found store owners to be a friendly and helpful
If we can get a large number of booksellers on this
site, then a forum about books and bookstores would
have a huge source of experience and practical
knowledge to draw from. With the exception of the two
people who already know everything, we could all  
gain from the exchange of information.
There is a forum that has been in operation for about a
year now, which I joined recently - only Used
Bookstore Owners - and I have found it pleasant and
informative. I have been talking to the person who
started it, and he has agreed to act as the forum for
this site. When you have listed your store, or verified
your listing if I have entered your store, I will send you
the details for joining the forum.
Updates on this and other ideas will appear from time
to time on the Store Owner's Page.(this page not at
present active)
And yes - I do have some ideas that might make me a
few dollars without selling information about visitors or
charging people to come here.
Please look over the whole site. If you like it, sign up
your store, and tell other store owners about it.
We have over a thousand stores listed now - and still
growing - there are lots more stores out there!
We have no advertising budget. However, if all the
stores will tell their customers about us, who else do
we have to reach?
Bob Lewis
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World of Used Bookstores
last updated:
29, 2007